20 Medium Blue Hair Options for Your Cropped Locks in 2022

1: Medium Length Dark Blueberry

An ocean-inspired dark blue hair is a cute way to flaunt your fantastic hair texture and style. This way, you’ll catch the light and show off an incredible shine that reflects the sea.
Medium Length Dark Blueberry Hair Color

2: Medium Length Black To Navy Ombre

This medium-length black to navy ombre has an edgy, rocker chick vibe with a modern flair. The coolest thing about this blue ombre is that it is wearable.
Medium Length Black To Navy Blue Ombre

3: Electric Blue Highlights for Brunettes

It looks cute and curly at a glance, but once you look closer, you’ll see the depth and dimension this black hair with blue highlights has, all thanks to the strategically placed hair color .
Medium Curly Black Hairstyle with Blur Highlights

4: Blue and Aqua Straight Style

A straight haircut doesn’t look simple when light blue hair color is involved. Without any layers or complicated twists, all you see is the way the darker blue tones have been dissolved in, the lighter ones.
Medium Straight Pastel Blue Hairstyle

5: Navy Blue Ombre Hair

Mermaid’s hair uses the fluid ombre technique to run different colors together in a free-flowing manner. The colors vary, some are green like a mermaid’s tail, and others are blue like the ocean waves.
Black To Teal Ombre for Medium Hair

6: Medium Blue Hair

Medium blue hair
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7: Blue Grey Hair

Grey Hair Care
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8: Blue Tips Hair

Blonde And Blue Hair
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9: Shoulder Length Blue Bob

Shoulder Length Blue Bob
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10: Hair Color Shades

Ombre Hair Color
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11: Short Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair
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12: Hair Color Blue

Green Hair
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13: Pastel Silver Blue

Hair Color Blue
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14: Girl Hair Colors

Hair Dye Colors
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15: Pretty Hair Color

Hair Color Blue
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16: Short Blue Hair

Blue Black Hair Color
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17: Medium Long Haircut

Haircut for Wavy Hair
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18: Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Ombre
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19: Hair Dye Colors

Dark Blue Hair
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20: Dark Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair
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