25+ Hairstyles Featuring Medium Brown Hair with Highlights

1: Rich Brunette Waves with Light Brown Highlights

Keeping the highlights subtle and thin shows off an effortless color transition.
Medium Brunette Hairstyle with Light Brown Highlights

2: Caramel Blonde Highlights

A perfect mix between blonde and brown gives a gorgeous caramel blonde look.
Medium Caramel Blonde Balayage Hair

3: Dark To Light Medium Brown Ombre

This dark brown to medium brown ombre is perfect for women with round faces. The middle part on shoulder length wavy hair creates an illusion of a slimmer face and can even accentuate brown eyes. Medium brown hair colors like this allow you to show them you are ready to dance on heels!
Dark To Light Medium Brown Ombre

4: Medium Copper Brown

Style it with a half-up top knot, and you’re bringing that bombshell vibe! The lusciousness that these shade of brown hair display is a perfect match for thick hair density. And with soft waves on a long-length cut, these rich brown and dark burgundy shades look chic.
Medium Copper Brown

5: Golden Brown Balayage

This balayage lob is dreamy with a mixture of caramel highlights and vanilla tips. The shoulder-length bob makes color easy to maintain, and the touch of blonde framing her face and toward the ends is perfect for anyone looking for golden brown hair color on the brighter side of life.
Golden Brown Medium Balayage

6: Brunette Color

Balayage Brunette
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7: Brown Blonde Hair

Brunette Hair
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8: Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Medium Brown Hair Color
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9: Brown Hair Cut

Medium Brown Hair
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10: Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Brown Blonde Hair
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11: Golden Brown Hair Color

Copper Highlights on Brown Hair
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12: Ash Brown Hair Balayage

Light Ash Brown Hair
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13: Breathtaking Light Brown Hair Color

Medium Brown Hair Color
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14: Choppy Brown Cut

Subtle Blonde Highlights
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15: Brown Hair Tips

Golden Brown Hair Dye
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16: Golden Brown Hair Dye

Golden Blonde Hair
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17: Medium Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
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18: Light Brown Hair with Highlights Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Mousy Brown Hair
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19: Ombre Hair Color

Hair Color Balayage
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20: Brown Blonde Hair

Light Brown Hair
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21: 40 Unique Ways To Make Your Chestnut Brown Hair Pop Medium Hair Style

Short Hair Style
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22: Balayage Long Hair

Ash Blonde Balayage
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23: Sandy Brown Mousy Brown Hair

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
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24: Ash Blonde Hair Balayage

Light Brunette Hair
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25: Golden Brown Hair Dye

Brown Hair Cut
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26: Short Hair Brown Highlights

Brown Hair Balayage
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27: Light Brunette Hair

Brunette Hair with Highlights
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28: Types Of Brown Hair

Types Of Hair Color
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