15+ Korean Medium Haircuts That Give A Cute Vibe To The Hair

The Korean hair and make up game has been top notch for the longest time, but it has gained so much popularity with the recent rise of k-pop as a genre with boy bands like Shinee, EXO, BTS, etc. What is there to not love about korean dramas and music videos? Perfect hair, perfect glass skin- there is so much to draw inspiration from.

Korea as a beauty industry has been on the rise, and their hair are so perfect, it is insane. Following are a list of perfect Korean medium haircuts that give an extremely cute, peppy vibe to your hair.

1- Korean Medium Haircuts

Korean Medium Haircuts
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This korean medium haircut is straight, sleek hairstyle with a middle part, and hair grazing the shoulders and collarbones is perfect for every lady out there. It is cute, vibrant, and the splash of lavender just makes it all the more better.

2- Easy Summer Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles For Korean Women
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How cute  is this layered haircut. It is easy, and perfect for the summers. Just cut your hair into wavy, face framing layers and add wispy bangs to it.

3- Straight Hairstyle with Side Fringe

Korean Medium Hair
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This one looks absolutely amazing because of the volume and bounce it provides to your sleek, thin hair. If you have straight hair, a side fringe, with longer ends blending into the rest of your hair is extremely suave and chic.

4- Simple Hairstyle with Bangs

Korean Medium Hairstyles 2020
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This one is a simple straight bob, with ends grazing your jaw. The hair tone and colour is natural. Just add a wispy blunt fringe and you are great to go!

5- Thick Voluminous Hair

Korean Hairstyles For Medium Hair
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For thick voluminous hair, you should go for a cut slightly longer than a bob, and swipe your hair across to the side where you do not usually put them, and there you have it!

6- Back View Of Textured Haircut

Korean Medium Hairstyles
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7- Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Korean Medium Haircuts 2020
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8- Balayage with Dark Roots

Korean Medium Hair 2020
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9- Dark Hair Color for Light Skin Tone

Korean Medium Haircuts
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10- Natural Looking Hair

Korean Medium Hair
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Medium Haircut Korean Style
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Korean Medium Hairstyles
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Medium Hairstyles For Korean Women
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Korean Medium Hair
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Korean Medium Hairstyles 2020
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Korean Medium Haircuts
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Medium Korean Haircuts
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Korean Medium Hairstyles