60 Medium Straight Hairstyles That Are Dominating in 2022

1: Hairstyle Handbook

Brunette with Medium Length Straight Layered Hair

2: Straight Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle

Get a whole new natural vibe with just a few touches. This is the best haircut for a round face shape as it elongates the face and also makes you look sophisticated and put together in any outfit!
Medium Length Hairstyle for Straight Hair

3: Beautiful Straight Mob

If you want a fresh look that is cool but not too short, then mid-length haircuts can be a good alternative. The mob is a medium bob.
Straight Medium Bob Haircut

4: Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Length Hair

A sleek a-line bob screams sophistication. This hairstyle does the best job if your tresses are black and straight. The result is guaranteed to look classic. Opt for this medium length a-line bob when looking for a gorgeous go-to cut.
Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Length Hair

5: Sleek Red Brown

Ideas for brunette hairstyles can come from various places: types of wood, foods, or favorite beverages. A smooth mane is perfect for showcasing bespoke hues like this mahogany color. To achieve a straight finish without sacrificing volume, use a large round brush when blow-drying.
Medium Mahogany Brown Hair

6: Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Thin Hair Haircut
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7: Long Bob with Bangs Anna Faris

Front Hair Style
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8: Blonde Hair Looks

Blonde Hair with Highlights
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9: Balayage Straight Hair

Hair Color Balayage
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10: Cute Bob Hairstyle

Layered Bob Hairstyle
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11: Medium Length Straight Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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12: Layered Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle Haircut
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13: Medium Hair Style

Curly Hair Style
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14: Trending Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle
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15: Hair Color Highlights

Ombree Hair Color
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16: Medium Medium Haircut

Medium Hair Cut
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17: Modern Bob Haircut

Modern Haircut
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18: Medium Hair Cut

Medium Hair Style
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19: Mid-Length Blunt Haircut for Women Medium Haircut Over 50

One Length Haircut
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20: Blunt Bob with Bangs

Thick Hair Bob Haircut
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21: Long Choppy Bobs

Medium Choppy Haircut
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22: Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Fast Hairstyle
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23: Haircut for Medium Hair

Oval Face Hairstyle
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24: Straight Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyle
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25: Medium Gray Hair

Medium Gray Hair
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26: Blonde Straight Hair

Blonde Straight Hair
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27: Medium Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Medium Hairstyle
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28: Medium Straight Hairstyle with Shaggy Layers Very Medium Hair

Medium Straight Hair
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29: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Medium Length Hair with Layers
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30: Over Shaggy Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Haircut for Fine Hair
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31: Medium Hair Wigs

Medium Hair Style
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32: Straight Bob Haircut

Thin Straight Hair
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33: Ash Blonde Shoulder Length Bob

Bob Hairstyle for Fine Hair
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34: Medium Hair Style for Women

Medium Hair Cut
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35: Medium Hair Style Easy

Medium Hair Cut
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36: Blonde Foiled Highlights İcy Blonde Foils

Blonde Hair with Highlights
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37: Ombree Hair

Wavy Hair
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38: Medium Straight Haircut

Haircut Straight Hair
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39: Medium Hair Ponytail

Bangs with Medium Hair
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40: Brown with Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair Balayage
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41: Haircut for Straight Fine Hair

Medium Straight Haircut
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42: Texturizing Straight Hair

Medium Straight Hair
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43: Medium Straight Haircut

Medium Blonde Hair
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44: Lob Haircut Straight

Haircut for Long Hair Straight
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45: Haircut for Thick Hair

Long Hair with Bangs
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46: Side Bang Haircut

Side Bangs Hairstyle
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47: Dark Brown

Dark Brown
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48: Straight Medium Length Hair

Straight Medium Length Hair
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49: Straight Medium Length Hair

Black Girls Hairstyle
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50: Medium Hair Style

Straight Medium Length Hair
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51: Straight Medium Length Hair

Straight Medium Length Hair
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52: Medium Fine Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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53: Medium Hair Style

Medium Hair Style
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54: Straight Hair

Medium Straight Hair
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55: Beautiful Medium Blonde Hairstyle

Beautiful Medium Blonde Hairstyle
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56: Medium Layered Hair

Long Layered Haircut
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57: Haircut for Medium Hair

Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair
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58: Straight Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Grey Bob Hairstyle
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59: Sleek Blunt Midi Cut with Side Bangs

Cute Hairstyle for Medium Hair
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60: Edgy Blonde Hair

Long Bob Blonde
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