70 Best Ideas of a Medium Wavy Haircut for Your Distinctive Style

1: Wavy Medium Haircut for Thick Hair

Take advantage of your thick hair and add more texture with soft waves. You’ll never look dull, especially when you add some gorgeous highlights! go rock n roll or go sweet
Medium Dark Thick Hair with Highlights

2: Vanilla Blonde Choppy Thick Waves

Try a choppy long bob, one of the most asked thick hair medium length haircuts . Want to add even more spice? Make everyone’s head turn with this vanilla blonde shade! Look sweeter with wavy hair and knock people off their feet wherever you go.
Blonde Choppy Medium Length Haircut

3: Wavy Medium Layered Hair

This wavy medium layered hair is such a great cut. It’s trendy and goes very well on most ladies, especially those with the oval face shape. Adding highlights doesn’t only bring out a dimensional illusion. Highlights also help accentuate the layers.
Wavy Medium Layered Hair

4: Jasmine Tookes

Highlights serve to underscore the wavy texture of Jasmine Tookes’ undulating ‘do while simultaneously brightening her complexion. Layers add dimension and movement that enhance this flattering mid length cut .
Jasmine Tookes Medium-Length Hair

5: Messy Chopped Lob with Highlights

Popular hairstyles for wavy hair are associated with layered cuts in the first place. The dark roots and honey highlights create volume and help to frame the face attractively. The hairstyle can be parted on the side with a combover. This is a perfect cut for women who want to let their lob grow out.
Medium Layered Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

6: Summer Blonde Hair

Summer Blonde Hair
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7: Brown To Ash Blonde Balayage Ombree Balayage Hair

Balayage Hair
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8: Summer Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Shades
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9: Medium Length Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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10: Ashy Hair

Grey Blonde Hair
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11: Brown Hair Balayage

Brown Blonde Hair
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12: Brown Hair Shades

Light Brown Hair
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13: Mid Length Blonde Hair

Thin Blonde Hair
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14: Medium Wavy Bob

Medium Bob
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15: Brown Hair Balayage

Brown Blonde Hair
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16: Brown Balayage

Hair Color Balayage
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17: Caramel Blonde Shaggy Cut for Medium Hair Medium Shag Haircut

New Haircut
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18: Long Shag Hairstyle

Trending Hairstyle
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19: Thin Wavy Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hair
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20: Haircut for Fine Hair

Cool Haircut
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21: Medium Wavy Perm Hairstyle

Hairstyle Over 50
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22: Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers

Layered Hair with Bangs
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23: Medium Wavy Bob

Medium Wavy Bob
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24: Thick Wavy Black Lob with Babylights Brown Ombree Hair

Hair Color for Black Hair
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25: Medium Balayage

Hair Color Balayage
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26: Medium Shag Hairstyle with Waves Layered Thick Hair

Thick Hair Style Medium
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27: Haircut for Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Bobs
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28: Edgy Razored Shag for Thick Hair

Bob Hairstyle for Thick
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29: Longer Brunette Shag Haircut for Medium Hair

Summer Haircut
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30: Medium Long Haircut

Haircut for Medium Length Hair
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31: Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Lob Hairstyle
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32: Thin Wavy Hair

Medium Length Hair Straight
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33: Medium Textured Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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34: Medium Layered Hairstyle for Wavy Hair Long Wavy Hair

Dark Hair
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35: Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Long
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36: Medium Layered Copper Red Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Long
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37: Medium Wavy Bob

Medium Bangs
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38: Dark Blonde Ombree Hair

Blonde Balayage Highlights
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39: Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Light Blonde Hair
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40: Wavy Haircut Medium

Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair
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41: Brown Ombree Hair

Brown Blonde Hair
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42: Medium Wavy Bob

Wavy Bobs
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43: Medium Haircut with Bangs

Medium Shaggy Hairstyle
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44: Blonde Hair with Roots

Blonde Ends
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45: Medium Hair Cut

Medium Hair Style
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46: Ombree Hair Color

Hair Color Balayage
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47: Medium Bridal Hair

Half Up Wedding Hair
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48: Brown Hair Balayage

Brown Blonde Hair
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49: Balayage Bangs

Balayage Brunette
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50: Medium Wavy Cut for Thick Hair and Round Face Round Face Haircut Medium

Bangs for Round Face
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51: Medium Layered Hair

Medium Hair Cut
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52: Thick Hair Style Medium

Medium Curly
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53: Thin Wavy Hair

Wavy Bob Long
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54: Medium Brunette Hair

Medium Brown Hair
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55: Wavy Haircut

Round Face Haircut
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56: Neutral Blonde

Blonde Balayage Highlights
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57: Haircut for Medium Hair

Wavy Haircut
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58: Medium Choppy Cut for Wavy Hair Frizzy Wavy Hair

Wavy Curls
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59: Shoulder Length Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

Shoulder Length Cuts
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60: Curls for Medium Length Hair

Curled Hairstyle for Medium Hair
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61: Mid-Length Layered Wavy Hair

Medium Length Hair Cut with Layers
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62: Mid-Length U-Cut Wavy Hairstyle

Wavey Hair
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63: Medium Brunette Hair

Medium Brown Hair
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64: Medium Length Hair with Layers

Long Hair with Bangs
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65: Winter Hairstyle

Easy Hairstyle
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66: Brown Hair Balayage

Balayage Brunette
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67: Brown Hair with Highlights

Hair Color Highlights
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68: Blonde Hair with Roots

Blonde Hair Looks
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69: Shoulder-Length Razored Lob Layered Haircut for Medium Hair

Layered Haircut Shoulder Length
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70: Trending Shoulder-Length Shag Hairstyle

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle
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